My Experience So Far

So, here's my experience with this beast of a neuroma so far...

About 5 months ago, give or take a week or two, I started to experience some foot pain in between my 3rd and 4th metatarsals in my left foot.  At the time, I did not think much of it.  I have been an athlete most of my life, and I tend to have a pretty high pain tolerance (I have broken my teeth, my hip, my left tibia, dislocated fingers, along with other fun injuries from college football, etc.), so I just rested it and went back to the grind at my gym, Planet Fitness.  

The shoes I was working out in, and running in on their concrete track, I believe were the culprit.  And I say this due to hours upon hours of research; both in regards to footwear as well as the anatomy of my own feet.  The shoe was the Reebok® Zig Heel Mens.  

Mine were blue, but same shoe other than that.  I cannot guarantee these shoes alone created the MN, but after reviewing all of the pieces to this puzzle, I am confident they were the main contributor since I have never had any foot issues in 37 years. 

During the work week, I would frequently go work out during lunch, and do modified CrossFit style workouts as well as run on the concrete track on the upper deck at the gym.  After the frequency of the foot pain increased, and the severity of it, I decided to stop my workouts and start digging into as much info as I could find online about my symptoms.  

This is where things technically became even more frustrating, because the results online were either people complaining about no relief, OR podiatrists links, most of which seemed to be aimed at orthotics or surgery.  

As a Digital Media Specialist by trade, so this became  extremely frustrating, because people need to get Google results that bring relevant results pages, not complaining boards. 

It's almost like we need a revolution in this area; we need to create pages, content, and websites that can really address the root cause of Morton's Neuroma, and re-establish proper footwear knowledge for people of all ages.  This is where I hope to help, because I plan on beating this thing, and I want to share as much as I know along the journey.

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