Monday, January 19, 2015

Ugly, ugly pride

So, I felt like sharing this, because as I have pointed out, most of the public just goes along with just about any doctor's advice without doing ANY research on root causes, natural remedies, or alternatives toward restoration.

The other day my wife was at work, and a woman was walking with a limp and she and my wife started talking.  Turns out the lady has a Morton's Neuroma.  
So, my wife, who is super approachable, starts to mention how I HAD one, and how I healed it going the route of getting out of conventional shoes, going zero-drop, and also walking barefoot whenever I can.  The lady immediately starts to go down the road of, "Well, my foot doctor is one of the top doctors in the nation, and he said I should NEVER walk barefoot."  And my wife patiently tried to give some explanation as to why being barefoot can help splay the toes naturally and relieve the stress and pressure against the neuroma.  She just wouldn't listen.  Pride is a killer.

My guess is, based on my research and experience, that she is going to probably get the resection, and will likely be similar to many people that either get the stump growth and pain, or end up losing mobility of the foot...among other possibilities.  It pains me to say that, because there is a better way.  

Stay vigilant, and stay humble!