What Didn't Work

OK, so here is the reality, at least for me, of what did not work in dealing with or improving my Morton's Neuroma over the past 5-6 months.  The major thing I learned through all of this is that nerve issues and injuries are far different than anything I have dealt with, whether broken bones, broken teeth, torn ligaments, strained muscles, or dislocated fingers.  Nerve issues need addressed immediately or else you are going to end up in a corner with what I see as only two ways out - surgery or alcohol injections...with the addition of removing the root cause that created it.  Now, this is MY list.  It does not mean these practices won't work for you  But I tried each of these with no positive results to heal or restore the MN:

  • Cold Laser Therapy - I spent a couple hundred bucks on this at a local Chiropractor's Office (awesome Chiro office and team, just no benefit from this specific treatment plan).
  • Crutches - Yes, I put myself on crutches to see if it would help reduce the MN.  I did a total of about 14 days.  No luck there.
  • Anti-inflammatory / Ibuprofen - Nada.  It's my theory and experience that if the NM is too enlarged and it has the scar built up pretty well that this method won't do anything but jack up your liver and stomach.
  • Icing - So, here's the thing with MN; the position is above the fat pad on the foot, so it is very difficult to get the ice to really hit the right spot.  You can try from the dorsal position, but again, if the MN is too advanced in stage, it seems like wasted time and energy.
  • Elevation - Same deal.  If your MN has several weeks behind it, it might be too late.
  • Orthotics - I'll admit that I did not try any custom orthotics, because, to me, that is just masking the problem.  I don't want to spend $500 on this "remedy" in which I am just putting my feet back into the problem causing item.  Hopefully you watched the videos I have shared to see why our feet need the ability to spread at the toes and have a low heel.  Just putting an orthotic into narrow shoes again does nothing for real restoration of the nerve or the root cause.

So, that's my two cents on the "What To Avoid" area.  I'm glad I tried, but hopefully I can save you the time, money, and energy that those methods consume!  


  1. Hi there, I just got diagnosed the other day. Went to bed feeling fine, woke up next day couldn't walk on my left foot. It's very early days for me, but I'm already fed up with hobbling around and desperate to get back to normal as I'm very active and do a lot of dog walking. Saw a podiatrist, was told to ice and take anti inflammatory tablets. Gave me a metatarsal pad, which provides a little relief. And was trying to flog me custom orthotics for £320! What would be best to do at this early stage to improve my condition and give myself the best chance of recovery...? Thanks Natalie

  2. HellO,
    I would first recommend getting it actually tested by a trustworthy pod or PT for the manual MN tests. Each year a lot of people are thinking they have one thing and it turns out to be something else. In the meantime, take a read through the rest of the blog for helpful info.



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