Thursday, December 7, 2017

Update! Exciting things around the corner!

Hey friends,
So, I hope all is well with you across the globe. It's kind of crazy to know that this blog literally has global traffic from all "developed" countries. When I look at my analytics dashboard, it's just further proof to me that people are in serious need of help with Morton's Neuroma. Which brings me to what I believe is good news.

I'm going to be writing a book, and along with the book, create a Facebook page. The book will cover info from the blog, but it will flow better, and the Facebook page will function as somewhat of a supplement to the book, but will also have the other interactive elements that simply are not that great on a blog site.

So, chime in with any thoughts or comments. I'm planning on having the ebook done first, and it will be available on Kindle around the new year or shortly after, and once I have a publish date, the Facebook page will immediately follow.

Have a great night!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Another update - yes it's been a while, and here's why...

Hey Friends,
I know this site now gets a good amount of traffic from across the globe, and things have been a bit silent on my end.

Here's why: when your foot is healed properly, it stays healed, at least in my case. I follow all of the advice I share with others.

So, I typically have been going about my normal daily life as it relates to my foot and the MN. No pain, no issues, nothing. It's 100% healed. Unfortunately, though, I was in an accident which totaled my car (I was rear ended at a stop light while in my small Toyota ECHO and hit full speed by a guy in a four door F-150), and I have some significant issues in my back and right knee that I have been addressing. This has limited my workouts and even family/work life. One day, this too will pass!

Nonetheless, I want to make sure everyone knows that the plan I had implemented have worked as I had strategically hoped. I am still rocking my VFF and Vivobarefoot shoes and boots. I will never wear a conventional brand shoe again unless the follow suit with those two brands.

With that, have a great day, and enjoy the gifts you have.

Here's To Healing,

Monday, January 19, 2015

Ugly, ugly pride

So, I felt like sharing this, because as I have pointed out, most of the public just goes along with just about any doctor's advice without doing ANY research on root causes, natural remedies, or alternatives toward restoration.

The other day my wife was at work, and a woman was walking with a limp and she and my wife started talking.  Turns out the lady has a Morton's Neuroma.  
So, my wife, who is super approachable, starts to mention how I HAD one, and how I healed it going the route of getting out of conventional shoes, going zero-drop, and also walking barefoot whenever I can.  The lady immediately starts to go down the road of, "Well, my foot doctor is one of the top doctors in the nation, and he said I should NEVER walk barefoot."  And my wife patiently tried to give some explanation as to why being barefoot can help splay the toes naturally and relieve the stress and pressure against the neuroma.  She just wouldn't listen.  Pride is a killer.

My guess is, based on my research and experience, that she is going to probably get the resection, and will likely be similar to many people that either get the stump growth and pain, or end up losing mobility of the foot...among other possibilities.  It pains me to say that, because there is a better way.  

Stay vigilant, and stay humble!  


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

Hi Everyone,
Just wanted to say thanks for reading and hopping on this blog.  I really hope it has been of some encouragement for you or someone you know that might be dealing with Morton's Neuroma.  It's such a pain, but I believe many people can get the solution they need by following some of the advice I have listed throughout this blog, whether from my own experiences or the professionals named or products/procedures listed.  I'm MN free, and I think tons of people out there can be restored without surgery.

Anyway, as we enter into Christmas and a New Year, I just wanted to wish you all an amazing time during your celebrations with friends, family, churches, companies, schools, etc.  Hopefully none of you end up with the Jelly of the Month Club memberships, but if you do, make the most of it!  

Bless you all,

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Since I get emails on this topic...

Hey Friends,
So, I was noticing that I tend to get certain questions more often about what I actually wear, as in wearing right now.  So, this is a way for me to post it for everyone that might venture to this page, as well as a shameless amazon plug.  *If anyone happens to find better pricing than amazon, I'm all ears.

OK, so just to recap, if needed, the Morton's Neuroma that I HAD in my left foot is 100% healed and gone!  I can honestly say that all the MN woes I had for months are gone.  It's quite amazing what the sclerosing did and what a difference it makes to have my foot back again.  I've been working out at pretty high intensity with weight training, and I have been running on concrete with my VFFs.  Which, btw, anyone that is trying to get $ from Vibram FiveFingers, I hope you reconsider.  I've publicly opted to not accept any payment from them for the lawsuit.  The company makes a great product, but like anything else with your body and fitness, you have to ease into something new.

Anyway, back to the topic - here is a little widget (below and to the left) that shows the EXACT shoes I am currently working in, working out in, and wearing casually.  It's "winter" now in Arizona, so I'm wearing the Vivobarefoot boots a bit more, but technically all of these are casual.  I haven't had to wear anything super formal in quite some time, but from what I can tell, Vivo does have options with the shiny leather if someone needs to go that route.

For those in the U.S, have a very Happy Thanksgiving!  


Thursday, October 9, 2014

Feedback from you!

Hi everyone,
All is well on this end with the PAST Morton's Neuroma...but I wanted to check in with all of you, my readers from various countries, to see how things were going.  I get emails and Google Hangout blips from time to time, but I would love to hear a few things from YOU:

  • Are you currently struggling with a painful MN?
  • What have you investigated so far, in terms of correction?
  • Are any of you using any of the shoes I have listed?
  • Have any of you done the sclerosing, and if so, how is that going?
  • How did you find this blog?
  • Has this blog been of any help?
  • Or any other info you want to share.
As I mentioned, my neuroma is completely gone.  I have been able to run and lift in my VFF (my favorite shoe for Arizona) frequently.  It is such a blessing to be able to say that and share that success.  Hopefully you are able to share in it as well.

God speed,

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Working out! An update.

Well, as many of you might have figured out on your own, my updates are becoming less frequent due to the healing of the Morton's Neuroma I had!  So, with it being healed comes all of the things I was able to do before - working out, any outdoor activities with my friends or family, and simply enjoying the "normal" things.  So, I thank God that those troubling times of the MN are behind me.  But I am still hoping and praying that people find this blog, because I think this type of combination that I used allows the person to take a smarter approach to recovery without surgery, BUT this method also allows the person to come into a proper understanding of what he/she should be putting on their feet.

So, back to the update of working out: for a while now, I have been able to fully function for physical activity.  Lifting, running, etc.  I will admit, at first I had a bit of "I better ease into this" attitude, because I had been farting around with that MN for so long it had almost become a habit to be concerned with the "what if's" of if it gets strained or inflamed again.  But I am happy to say it hasn't.  I have been wearing my VFF, Altra, and Vivobarefoot shoes, and barefoot when I can, and things have gone beautifully.  And I will still wear my correct toes every now and then, but the frequency is decreasing now that the supportive tissues are strong and positioned properly.

Anyway, I hope this info can be shared by you to others that need it, because, again, the whole reason I started this was that I had a feeling, from all of the info I was reading online before, that people were not able to really overcome the MN they were suffering with, and it is beyond frustrating.  Especially when podiatrists might be trying to slam you right into orthotics and then putting you right into crappy shoes again.  Good podiatry means hearing your concerns, looking at the evidence and history of your feet, watching you walk, looking at the shoes you wear, and trying to work backwards for a real restoration of the foot, instead of just trying to mask the symptom or the pain, which would only be temporary.  You will know you are are at the right podiatrist office if they take the time with you and aren't trying to push you into buying something right away.

So, that's an update for anyone interested, as well as some info that might help you if you're working with a podiatrist.  

Bless you all,