Sunday, November 13, 2016

Another update - yes it's been a while, and here's why...

Hey Friends,
I know this site now gets a good amount of traffic from across the globe, and things have been a bit silent on my end.

Here's why: when your foot is healed properly, it stays healed, at least in my case. I follow all of the advice I share with others.

So, I typically have been going about my normal daily life as it relates to my foot and the MN. No pain, no issues, nothing. It's 100% healed. Unfortunately, though, I was in an accident which totaled my car (I was rear ended at a stop light while in my small Toyota ECHO and hit full speed by a guy in a four door F-150), and I have some significant issues in my back and right knee that I have been addressing. This has limited my workouts and even family/work life. One day, this too will pass!

Nonetheless, I want to make sure everyone knows that the plan I had implemented have worked as I had strategically hoped. I am still rocking my VFF and Vivobarefoot shoes and boots. I will never wear a conventional brand shoe again unless the follow suit with those two brands.

With that, have a great day, and enjoy the gifts you have.

Here's To Healing,

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