Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Since I get emails on this topic...

Hey Friends,
So, I was noticing that I tend to get certain questions more often about what I actually wear, as in wearing right now.  So, this is a way for me to post it for everyone that might venture to this page, as well as a shameless amazon plug.  *If anyone happens to find better pricing than amazon, I'm all ears.

OK, so just to recap, if needed, the Morton's Neuroma that I HAD in my left foot is 100% healed and gone!  I can honestly say that all the MN woes I had for months are gone.  It's quite amazing what the sclerosing did and what a difference it makes to have my foot back again.  I've been working out at pretty high intensity with weight training, and I have been running on concrete with my VFFs.  Which, btw, anyone that is trying to get $ from Vibram FiveFingers, I hope you reconsider.  I've publicly opted to not accept any payment from them for the lawsuit.  The company makes a great product, but like anything else with your body and fitness, you have to ease into something new.

Anyway, back to the topic - here is a little widget (below and to the left) that shows the EXACT shoes I am currently working in, working out in, and wearing casually.  It's "winter" now in Arizona, so I'm wearing the Vivobarefoot boots a bit more, but technically all of these are casual.  I haven't had to wear anything super formal in quite some time, but from what I can tell, Vivo does have options with the shiny leather if someone needs to go that route.

For those in the U.S, have a very Happy Thanksgiving!  


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