Thursday, May 15, 2014

Blog Dedication & Disclaimer

Dear Visitors,
This blog is dedicated to people that have, or believe they have, a Morton's Neuroma.  It is also dedicated to keeping up to date with current victories and effective treatment plans for any types of symptom reversal.  As someone that currently has a MN in my left foot, my end goal is really for people to have a hub where there are more posts related to beating MN vs posts where people are complaining about it.  Make no mistake, MN is a pain in the foot, but also a huge pain in the butt.  And during my research, when I first started looking for help, most of what I came across online was blog sites related that just had thread after thread of complaining, but hardly any worth while posts or feeds about actually reversing the neuroma.  That's where this site comes in.  

And, I ask that you share this blog with your friends and family, regardless of age nor activity level.  As you'll read in the other pages, foot ailments and symptoms should really be avoidedat the root level - the footwear!  
   One thing I also want to point out is that I am a conservative/natural type of guy.  I am not sold on going straight to surgery or medication or orthotics right away.  I believe too many folks are getting pushed into the podiatrist factory line of "Oh, well, let's get an x-ray, and over to your right you will find some orthopedic shoes that we'll probably suggest for your orthotics."  I simply don't believe that is the best route for long term correction and restoration of the nerve.  

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, and anything posted within this website is merely a breakdown of my own experience with my own MN, as well as information or products that I feel are worthy of sharing that I have discovered through hours of research since I started having pain and symptoms in early 2014.  As always, consult your physician before attempting to put into practice anything you read online, even if "it" has worked for someone else.  Especially since Morton's Neuroma symptoms can vary or be misdiagnosed on occasion.

Cheers! And here's to beating this thing with non-invasive, conservative and natural methods...  


  1. My husband has been diagnosed with Morton's Neuroma and works on his feet for 12 hours a day. He would come home some days in excruciating pain and he has an extremely high tolerance level. We have found something that REALLY helps him...using a Tens unit each night for 30 minutes! Simple but very effective. We do put an ace bandage around to hold the pads on the foot as it's not an easy location to get the pads to stay and get good contact without it. This has made an enormous difference and thought I would share!

    1. Hello,
      Due to the physiology of a true MN, of a tens or stim unit will not correct or heal it, based on research I've read through. So, more than likely, what he had was muscular trauma instead of nerve issues that relate to MN. If you catch it extremely early, it might help, but in most cases the time has passed by the time it's able to be diagnosed. Also, with MN, I always recommend getting a second opinion. I have used tens/stim for over 20 years for muscular, and they do certainly help with that part of anatomy.



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