Saturday, May 24, 2014

Continued Progress

I'm glad to say that, so far after injection #2, my nerve is feeling about 30 to 40% better.  I'm experiencing less sensitivity than I had been about a week ago which is a win in my book, atleast for now.  I'm looking forward to my next injection on Tuesday due to the overall progress to date.

With that said, I believe that the alcohol injection is only part of the reason for the progress. I firmly believe that the footwear modifications I have made, in addition to being barefoot and wearing my Correct Toes as much as possible, have helped create a synergistic environment for the overall situation with the nerve.  Funny enough, I actually took a look at my wife's feet and bought Correct Toes for her, because she was not aware of her footwearproblems and how her feet were in great need of readjustment, so to speak.

Anyway, good news on all fronts, and I believe the war is just about won...without going into anything drastic, like surgical removal. 

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