Friday, June 6, 2014

11 Days after Injection #3

As expected, my progress after the 3rd injection has gotten me to a point where I feel it's improved about 90% from the worst level of pain prior to the injections.  

As I have been getting the injections, I am following a regimen that I kind of created in which I am NOT putting my feet into any conventional shoes; I have been wearing my Vibram Five Fingers or Teva sandals close to 95% of the time at work or when I go out.  I have also stopped doing any working out for the time being, simply because I do not want to stress any areas of the metatarsals just yet, beyond normal walking or daily activity.  

One thing I have taken record of with the injections is that the pain associated with the injection stays about the same for 4 days post injection, and then starts to have a daily improvement.  Also, since I have been wearing my VFF more than any other footwear during the past 10 days, I am noticing that my foot muscles are getting sore.  I take this as a good thing, from a bio-mechanics perspective, because that means the muscles are developing to more appropriately handle proper foot strike, gait, and toe splay contractions during walking.  

From my time researching all of this, I am convinced that most people suffering from MN are not tackling the issue from the root cause side as well as the healing methodology side (I believe sclerosing / alcohol injections are the best option so far).  Both must be addressed if you ask me.

I'm not sure I will be getting the 4th injection, but if I do, I will certainly post about it.  Again, my end goal is to create a platform online in which people will hopefully find this info, make their own informed decision as they see fit, and get healed.  So, if you know of anyone with this problem, please share the blog.  It could end up saving someone a lot of pain and a lot of money, and in some cases a lot of regret.


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